sportsQ™ is an Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based Sports Information and Social Media platform. It provides both Daily and season long Fantasy Sports Players, avid Sports Fans and those who wager on Sports, the ability to query for complex Sports Statistics and Information. For example, a User can query “Give me the top 7 QB’s in the NFC who lead in TD’s, passing yards and interceptions in 2011, 2012 and 2013”, and have the result immediately returned. 

With 67% of Fantasy Sports Players using their mobile device to access their Fantasy Leagues and getting statistics and another 69% getting their score updates, Users can query not only from the sportsQ™ website but also from their own personal Twitter© and Facebook© accounts and have the results returned as a Direct Message (DM) in Twitter© and message reply in Facebook©

Users can also set a sportsQ™ Alert based on any performance parameters they want for their specific Fantasy Player or Sports Team which is critical, real-time information. For example a User can set a sportsQ™ Alert, “Alert me when Drew Brees passes for 300 yards”, and have the sportsQ™ Alert sent to their mobile device as a text, Twitter© or Facebook© account. Users will also be able to embed the link for their specific Fantasy League or Daily Fantasy Sports site in the sportsQ™ Alert such as Fanduel© or DraftKings© in order to go immediately for updated scoring.